Republican Party Strategist, Ana Navarro Speaks at Morgan State

Akira Kyles

Republican Party strategist and political contributor, Ana Navarro, uses the Morgan State University platform to address hot button issues in politics and remind audiences the directions the nation is headed.

Morgan State invited Navarro to campus as the featured guest of the Presidential Distinguished Speaker Series March 12.

Navarro is a well-known GOP strategist, political analysts for CNN and a political contributor on ABC’s The View. She served as the national Hispanic co-chair for Governor Jon Huntsman’s 2012 campaign and as the national co-co-chair of John McCain’s Hispanic Advisory Council in 2008.

During Navarro’s presentation, she spoke about the current issues that have escalated during Donald Trump’s presidency and her opinions on his position in office. She emphasized issues such as the race war that is prevalent in the United States and the injustices that black athletes face on media.

“Donald Trump’s election has unveiled the ugly underbelly of America. He didn’t invent polarization, but he made it worse,” said Navarro. “He didn’t invent racism he legitimized it, he didn’t create division, but he promoted it.”

As a long-termed republican, Navarro openly admits how disappointed of how the party is viewed today. Giving current republicans the name, “Trumpublicans” and blaming names like, Ben Carson and Ted Cruz on why the republican party has to be rebuilt from the ashes and why she feels that there is a “lost cause” to even considering working at the White House to regain administration.

It was difficult for Navarro to pinpoint on what the republican party had left for people of color, considering how not everyone thinks the same or has the same “priorities”.

“Everyone has different priorities but for me, getting treated with dignity is a priority,” said Navarro. “I can’t have a policy discussion if me and my people are continuously being treated with a lack of respect and dignity.”

Besides Navarro repetitively expressing her disdain for Trump, she also mentions former Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton and why Navarro was unable to support her during the election.

“I thought she had shown bad judgement at certain times, I thought she was taking community of colors for granted, not campaigning enough, not showing up enough, not advertising enough,” said Navarro.

Navarro jokingly admits to even considering nominating her own mother for the presidential election.

Navarro overall urges audiences to stand up for what’s not right and let Trump and Trump supporters understand that their voices need to be heard. She feels as though Trump has no interest to represent his presidency through women, people or color, and people of the LGBTQ community. He has validated that throughout the media and his Twitter account for years.

“One of the biggest fears that I have is that we get numb to this,” said Navarro. “We get numb to the insanity and we’re used to living by this.”