High School students visit Morgan State University for media week

Dominique Hunter

Morgan State welcomed Baltimore City and Prince George’s County high school students to tour around the School of Global Journalism and Communications for Media Week.

On Wednesday and Thursday, students from Edmondson Westside, Augusta Fells and Suitland high school, took a field trip to the SGJC building in order to gain experience and knowledge of what it means to be a student in this department at Morgan. While touring SGJC, students gained the general idea of what to expect from faculty as well.

The staff of SGJC made it a priority for the department’s media platforms such as WEAA, BEAR-TV, the Digital Newsroom and Strategy Shop were accessible for students during their visit.

Faculty members were designated in these rooms to talk with them and give a background of what each room is utilized for and the student organizations that are accompanied to SGJC.

“Journalism is a lot of work but there are a lot of great things that come out of it. There are a lot of things to be looking out for, whether it’s a story and you can really benefit from it,” said Yolande Thompson, Prince George’s County student.

Additionally, Morgan alumna and graduate student at the University of Southern California, Katia Jordan stopped by and talked with these students about her experiences in SGJC and offered advice in what students needed to do to be successful in the journalism field.

According to Prince George’s County high school student, Kelai’ah Wheelan, this trip solidified her love for journalism and she hopes to get accepted into Morgan before graduation.

“It makes me see that there are so many different areas that are in journalism and that I don’t have to just focus on one thing. I can come in as a Public Relations major and still can be in the radio station or work for BearTV. It makes me see how connected how this whole field is,” said Wheelan.

BEAR-TV was a big hit with Prince Georges County student and aspiring engineer, Ronald Williams.

“I am not into the writing aspect of the field but I really did enjoy learning how to anchor and being in the control room,” said Williams.

SGJC Multimedia Journalism Department Chairperson, Jacqueline Jones, was in charge of organizing this two-day event and providing students with a memorable outlook on the journalism community.

“I certainly hope that some do decide to go to Morgan State and enter the School of Global Journalism but I also want them to know that there are a lot of options out there and there are a lot of job in between. I want them to also understand that there is a wealth of experiences here — domestically and globally,” said Jones.