Clara I. Adams Honor’s College Fund Aim to Triple Scholarship Amounts

Akira Kyles

The Thurgood Marshall College Fund (TMCF) wants to triple the amount of money in scholarships for Morgan State University students in the year of 2018.

As part of the Clara I. Adams Honor College lecture series, the TMCF gave a presentation on Thursday to a room of over 50 honors students, sharing numerous internship and scholarship opportunities.

“High companies are not investing to come to Baltimore, Maryland to meet talented students like yourselves, they’re just not, they’re going to Harvard, they may go down to Howard, you know they are going to Yale but unfortunately they are not investing to come here,” said Martinique L. Thompson, TMCF Regional Manager.

The purpose of the TMCF is to provide opportunities for HBCUs like Morgan State and bridge the gap between larger companies like Lowes, McDonald’s, and Walmart that are willing to provide thousands of dollars in scholarships for college students. Last year TMCF gave over $100,000 worth of scholarships to Morgan State students and Thompson hopes to triple that amount this year.

TMCF is about more than just giving out scholarships, however, students were also introduced to a mentoring program where select college students with leadership potential, preferably majoring in the STEM field, make the time commitment to mentoring kids from K-12 in the select schools in partnership with TMCF.

There was a kind of high energy and participation in the room that only occurs when a crowd is really involved in a presentation.

Khayra Albrash, a freshman Biology major, was helped by the event.

“It was very helpful. I did not really have a plan for internships this summer, but I was presented with a lot of amazing opportunities.”

TMCF also informed attendees of their annual Leadership Institute which is open to all students of all majors.

“We bring 400 of the brightest students from those 47 federally funded schools into DC for a four – day intense conference. During that conference you get direct access to employers, 67% of our students have interviews on cite, one year we had a student with 17 offers,” said Thompson.