Damages in Rawlings Dining Hall After New Renovations

Penelope Blackwell

On Thursday, Stephen-Michael Thompson Jr., the sophomore class senator, posted a tweet on Twitter urging the student body to take better care of the newly refurbished Rawlings Dining hall. The tweet displayed a broken end piece of a wooden stool and a slash in the soft material of a green seat.

Photo by Stephen-Michael Thompson Jr.

“Morgan State, our dining hall was just refurbished and now there’s already a lot of damage. We got to do better y’all, like fr [for real],” said Thompson.

Fellow Morganites made their voices known on how they were disappointed about students abusing and taking this renovation for granted.




The mistreatment had taken place within the span of 16 days from the beginning of the spring semester up until Thompson made his tweet.

“The Rawlings dining hall is an investment into the student experience of Morgan State University. The new renovation in the Rawlings Dining Hall is one that was well received and very appreciated by many,” said Marcus Bennett, Student Government Association president.

“We as students need to set the tone of what will and will not be tolerated. Destruction and abuse will not be tolerated. Let’s work together to build a better Morgan,” said Bennett.