Top Five Morgan Events to Look Forward to Spring 2018

Akira Kyles

From waiting for hours to check into dorms to long tests of patience during the “Montebello Blues,” there are just certain engagements every Morganite can expect to go through, willingly or not. As the Spring 2018 semester begins, here is a list of events that students can look forward to:


MSU Ideation Space

  1. In this digital age, college is all about putting theories into practice, while incorporating technology. Morgan State University (MSU) Innovation Fellows invites all to the opening of the MSU Ideation Space on Monday, Jan. 22 in the Mitchell Engineering building. This new space includes white boards, work tables, 3-D printers and more.

MSU Basketball

  1. Students can support the Bears this semester as they play local rivals. Both the men’s and women basketball team will take on Delaware State University, Coppin State University, Howard University, etc, for home games. Ticket grants entrance to same-day women and men’s games.

MSU Love

  1. #ILoveMorganWeek is always the most anticipated and participated by students in the because it provides a reason to party and celebrate Morgan with the utmost bear pride. Although it usually takes place later in the semester, be on the lookout for the official announcement of when this fun week will take place.

MSU Showcases

  1. The Murphy Fine Arts Center (MFAC), is Morgan’s center for arts and culture. This venue showcases performances and events of all kinds. This includes musicals, comedies, recitals, etc. This semester, the Morgan community can expect an array of showcases. Performances include the Singing Sensations; a concert displaying the hardships of African Americans through sounds of music, Blues for an Alabama Sky; a play set in Harlem, New York in 1930, exposing the harsh realities of the lives of African Americans during that time and more to come.

MSU Graduation

  1. Of course, for many Morganites the countdown for graduation has begun. Spring commencement for undergraduate students is scheduled for May 19 and commencement for graduate students is scheduled for May 17.