Morgan State chemistry professor releases statement in response to viral videos labeling him a racist

The MSU Spokesman

A Morgan State University chemistry professor released a statement clearing his name after three social media videos by his son circulated, depicting him as a racist.

In his statement, released Tuesday on Morgan State’s official Twitter page, Mohammad Hokmabadi, Ph.D., associate professor in the chemistry department said that what happened in the videos was a “personal, private matter.”

The videos did not show the face of Hokmabadi nor his son but the conversation between them could be heard. Hokmabadi’s son accused his father of saying one of his friends “didn’t belong in the neighborhood” and “screamed at him for no reason.”

In an interview, Hokmabadi said he just wanted his son’s friend to leave but not because he was black. To him, this is not a race issue, only a family matter.

Hokmabadi has worked at Morgan State for 28 years and said in his statement that his “dedicated service to this university and its students are the true reflection of who I am as a person and what I represent as a member of the Morgan faculty.”

“Because we thought it was an issue that required serious enough attention, given the feedback, we were getting from the two to three videos that were posted online,” said Larry Jones, Interim Director of Public Relations. “The president’s office had received some phone calls, there was a lot of communication on social media, just given the nature of the accusations that were being tossed around, we thought it warranted a response.”

According to Jones, Hokmabadi released the statement on his own but was suggested to address the issue.

“Because of Morgan State’s reputation. I wanted to protect Morgan State University and other students,” said Hokmabadi, on why he released the statement. “Some students probably from Morgan State University saw that video… I decided to release that statement to show students that I am not a racist.”