The latest information on the upcoming renovations of Rawlings Dining Hall

The MSU Spokesman

The Rawlings dining hall, located on the south end of Morgan State University’s campus, is going to be renovated this upcoming winter with a fresh, new modern look.

The renovations are to occur during the winter break of 2017 and to be open to students at the beginning of the spring semester.

According to management in the dining hall, not everything is going to change along with the makeover.

“While although the dining hall will be receiving a makeover, the food served in the dining hall, however, will be the same as it is being served now,” said Joe Witherspoon, manager of Rawlings dining hall.

The renovation was brought on by the change students said they wanted to see, according to Cheryl Nicholson, the quality control manager of the business & auxiliary services department within the Montebello Complex.

“The dining hall is going to receive brand new furniture for students when they eat inside the dining hall. The people in charge wanted to see not what they would like but what students would like, since it is the students that eat there,” said Nicholson. “So, we had gathered together a group of students and asked what they would want to see in the dining hall. Then the students had responded with what they would like to see inside Rawlings.”

Nicholson also listed some of the new features that will be added to the dining hall.

“There will be a lounge area within the dining hall along with various, different seatings such as booths, high tables, and low tables,” said Nicholson. “Along with the new seatings, there will be large widescreen televisions along with a new sound system to be installed inside the dining hall. The team that worked on this project, is excited for the students to enjoy this new campus dining experience.”

The MSU Spokesman will have an update for this story.