Theatre Morgan Presents: Sharrell D. Luckett


Tramon Lucas

Theatre Morgan will be introducing award winning producer and director, Sharrell D. Luckett to Morgan State University. She is utilizing her platform to tour around HBCU campuses to discuss her groundbreaking novel, Black Acting Methods.

Luckett is the lead editor of Black Acting Methods and it is known to be the first book to emphasize the significance of diverse acting or directing methods; which originated from Afrocentrism. The book offers alternatives to the Euro-American performance styles, which many actors find themselves using today. This collection is a qualifiable and efficient resource for teachers, students, actors, and director who are seeking to reclaim and redefine role of Black culture in theatre arts.

“It’s honoring the black culture and what black culture; through black people bring to the table,” said Luckett

Luckett has won awards for over 65 shows and has co-penned four musicals. Not only is she a director and producer, but she is also known as being a professor, actor and scholar. She has taught performing arts for over 17 years while winning numerous awards for her productions, including “Best Director” and “Best Set Design.”

“When I started teaching acting students, they would often ask me what I was doing that has been a change in their lives. They thought it was an amazing experience, they felt like they were changing, or they felt like they were really learning and that’s when I realized that I was teaching the Hendricks Method. I was not teaching methodologies rooted in eurocentricity. I was teaching methodologies rooted in afrocentricity; where you centered blacks. So with that, it was actually my students of all races that would ask me what I was doing because it was very different but at the same time they felt successful at it,” she added.

A number of Luckett’s students have also been scouted by 20th Century Fox, Joy Pervis Talent, and Wilhelmina. They are successful actors and models in Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York and Milan.

Theatre Morgan will present Sharrell D. Luckett on Thursday, March 9, at 2:00pm in the Carl J. Murphy Fine Arts Center’s Turpin-Lamb Theater.