Frederick Douglass Convocation Recap

Tramon Lucas

Education was just one of the themes explored as Morgan State’s own Dr. Jared A. Ball addressed the audience at the Student Government Association sponsored Frederick Douglass Convocation, Thursday.

The Carl J. Murphy Fine Arts Center was filled with students ready to embrace the spirit of black student magic.

“Your black is magic. Yes, we are magic, but we are not inferior. Yes, we are magic, but not to be looked over. Yes, we are magic, but we are not to be oppressed people,” said Student Government Association president Joy Jolene-Griffin as she introduced Ball.

Ball began his speech asking students “which side are you on?” He focused his speech on the lack competence of the American school system and what it has to offer students.

“American education is designed to pass people along so that they can reach certain standard or station in life that they are meant to hold,” said Ball.

He began to shift his speech by bringing attention to MSU’s mission to help grow students that will lead the world in a positive light.  “That’s different than what we are trying to do here, which is, trying to elevate people beyond imposed structures and stations.”

Dr. Ball ended his speech once again questioning those in attendance.

“How are you going to aid the on-going struggle for positive peace, justice and redistribution of the goods and services and wealth we all produce?”

In honor of Black History Month, there will be a convocation every Thursday in February, in the Carl J. Murphy Fine Arts Center.