iPhone 7 Review


Tramon Lucas

With the release of every new iPhone, consumers worldwide rush with an uncanny vigor to retailers. The speculation over the iPhone 7 has caused frenzy since the release of the 6, forcing Apple to confirm and quell rumors with its annual Keynote event on Sept. 7.  There were highs, like the new 12 mega pixel camera and lows, like the removal of the headphone port. I got the opportunity to test out the 128 gb iPhone 7 upon release.

In terms of design, the iPhone 7 is roughly the same dimensions as the 6, as I was able to snugly fit it into the otter box I used for the 6. The biggest chance is obviously the omission of the headphone port, replaced by a second speaker for stereo sound.  Included in the packaging is a set up standard Apple headphones, which features a USB port at the bottom instead of a headphone jack. The problem with listening to music, is without an additional headphone jack, the option to charge your phone and listen to music is gone. Apple plans to release its wireless Airpods in October, cutting the cord on its earbuds, allowing customers to connect to their phones wirelessly. In the meantime, there are alternative wireless options on the market, but the traditional headphones can still do the trick.

Upon announcement, the jet black colorway of the iPhone 7 garnered plenty of hype, leading to a tremendous number of pre-orders that has resulted in the phone being back ordered for several months for several carriers. Unfortunately, the jet-black iPhone’s shiny exterior is highly susceptible to smudges and scratches.

The iPhone 7 comes equipped with iOS10, the newest update in Apple’s operating system.  New features include interactive messages that make it easier to personalize texts, as well as 3D photo touch and an enhanced SIRI. But the biggest draw of the phone is the enhanced cameras, which give users the euphoria of creating high-quality photos with every snap. Along with the 12 Megapixel Camera, the ability to zoom in without the grainy result makes taking photos even sweeter.

Battery life has seen a major upgrade, combating strenuous, draining apps like Snapchat and Twitter. The biggest changes to the iPhone 7 are actually just changes to iOS10.  The operating system is available for prior iPhone installments, making for a lot less exclusivity to the iPhone 7 in comparison to prior releases.

If you already own an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, a simple upgrade to the latest operation system may suffice. For Apple junkies, the technological advancements in audio and photography may be more than enough to get you on board for a new phone. For others, the iPhone 7 may be worth skipping, at least for now.