Postcard From Greece!!

Tramon Lucas

In this third edition of “Postcard From Greece“, our photo editor Arius Bevins and Spokesman contributor Synclaire Cruel tell the story of Syrian, Iran, Afghanistan refugees who camp out in parts of Athens. Check out more below!!

Everyday in the port of Athens, ferries drop off refugees from Syria, Iran, and Afghanistan. They camp out in this area for about three or four days before moving on elsewhere in Greece. There are many volunteers who come everyday to give food, clothes, and help support them in anyway they can. There are activities for the children such as face painting and coloring.

Many of the refugees and the children were excited to take pictures. The children were happy to hold the cameras and take their own pictures. Certain areas such as the inside of the building where many of the refugees were residing or in their camp did not allow photos to be taken. There are no showers in this camp, but they have portable toilets.

Organizations such as the Red Cross, Johnson & Johnson, and the Salvation Army were there to give assistance. Refugees also stayed in Victoria Park in the city, but were forced to go back to the “hospitality centers.”


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