Online Sexual Assault Course at Morgan

Tramon Lucas

Morgan State University has historically been active in social issues, from police brutality to social inequality. The school has paired with EverFi to tackle sexual assault, an issue that has left a stain on college campuses nationwide.

EverFi specializes in tackling issues like alcohol abuse, sexual assault and financial literacy on campuses across the United States.

President David Wilson issued a press release through email to all students requiring them to take the Haven: Understanding Sexual Assault course online.

To ensure compliance and participation, students are required to complete the course in order to apply for courses for the spring 2016 semester.

President Wilson reflected on his thoughts on addressing sexual assault in the press release.

“This online course will help you develop the critical skills to make more thoughtful and educated choices as it relates to healthy relationships, communication and creating a safe and positive campus environment.”

Registration for the course opens November 15, with the part 1 completion deadline being December 15. The deadline for completion of part 2 is January 29.

Students that have questions can contact the University’s Title IX Coordinator Tanyka Barber at [email protected].

Email From President David Wilson
Email From President David Wilson