Slime Season 2 Review

Benjamin McKnight

As controversial as Young Thug has been since his introduction to the hip-hop world, his fan-base continues to grow with every questionable lyric. The colorful Atlanta rapper is coming off the release of his debut album Barter 6, which peaked at number 5 on the hip-hop charts.

1446326935_1b5e9ab374fb6ccb3dd61a9f4e5ac2ecFrom his “creative” style of dress, to his head-scratching lyrics, you never know what you will get out of Thugger – and that’s what draws you to him. As Atlanta continues to breed successful rappers seemingly daily, Thug has thrust himself to the pinnacle with consistent hits.

The release of his anticipated Slime Season mixtape in September was met with much acclaim, receiving over 5 million downloads from multiple music platforms. The days of an artist making fans wait long periods of time for new music are long gone, as Thug released Slime Season 2 on Halloween night.

Big name such as London On Da Track, Metro Boomin & Southside lend their hand – but Thug gives up and comers like Wheezy and Isaac Flame a chance to be heard as well.

Whether you attribute his lyrics to his uncanny personality or a cry for attention, Thugger always manages to leave you with a few lyrical gyms in every verse.

With Thug previewing most of the songs on his Instagram account, fans will be satisfied to hear the full versions of the songs they have been waiting for. As with the original Slime Season, several songs have floated on the internet for months. The smooth pseudo-love song “Never Made Love” with former Rich Gang partner in crime Rich Homie Quan is easy on the ears. Being the sole song featuring Quan, it is a shame that their chemistry couldn’t keep them together.

The mixtape is a direct reflection of Thug’s indescribable personality, with no clear direction and several changes in direction and tempo. Despite this, Thug manages to make a collection of random songs seem cohesive.

The C4 produced “Thief In The Night” featuring DTE rapper Trouble is one of the standout tracks on the project. C4 laces the two with a piano-heavy beat that sounds as if it was made by Zaytoven. Thug and Trouble take turns floating across the trunk-rattling beat with the signature Atlanta flow.

Thug rambles as only he could, spitting comical bars like “I might drop Kimbo Slice, kidnap like Uncle Ice.”

Every big-name rapper has a signature producer, and for Thug it’s London On Da Track. The two combine again for the best song on the project “Hey, I” – Thug’s best attempt at a love song.

Thugger pours his heart to the woman in his life with lines such as, “Flood you with gold like a trophy, she still the bomb call her Lotus.”

The mystique of Thug as a person translates to his music, leaving you wanting more to get an understanding. Slime Season 2 isn’t perfect, but it is a satisfying project. Featuring a whopping 22 tracks, there is enough music to hold fans over. Save for the few average songs like “Beast” & “Oh Lord”, the tape is diverse enough for a night with a lover or get the club hype.

No matter what you think of Thug as a person, his talent is undeniable.