Morgan Police Prepare for Homecoming Weekend

Benjamin McKnight

The Morgan State Police Force has began to make preparations to accommodate the massive influx of over 2,500 people who are expected to convene onto Morgan State’s campus this weekend for the homecoming festivities.

The Morgan Police will be the primary force overseeing all activities on campus. The Baltimore City Police Department will only assist with closing streets for the parade. With a full staff of officers on detail they will be using metal detectors and searching for small weapons and contraband.

Lance Hatcher, the Chief of Morgan Police, has a few tips for students and alumni that will attend the events this weekend. For one, he encourages people to keep their “wits” about them. He warns people to be aware of their surroundings, travel in pairs after dark, and to dress warm. With so many people attending, Hatcher wants everyone to be civil and neighborly.

For the football game on Saturday, the police offer a few suggestions and restrictions. The department asks that people park safely in legal spots to avoid getting ticketed or towed. No grilling will be permitted on Morgan campus property. People that do grill in parking lots are advised to ensure that the fire is put completely out before placing back into vehicles. There will be no spectating allowed from the garage.

The major safety concerns are the public entering campus, unattended bags or packages, and over consumption of alcohol.

With recent college shootings in Oregon and Arizona, the police and public safety staff have been trained to handle those types of situations. “We always have a high sense of security”, Hatcher said, ”We approach those situations as not if, but when it will happen.”

The biggest recommendation from the Morgan Police is to be patient, and to contact them at 443-885-3103 in the case of an emergency or suspicious activity.