“Annbelle” Sets the Tone for October’s Horror Films

Annbelle Sets the Tone for Octobers Horror Films

The MSU Spokesman

“Annabelle,” conjured up screams across theatres this past weekend as the first horror film to start off October.

The sequel to the 2013 summer hit film “The Conjuring” includes a cast of Annabelle Wallis as Mia, Word Horton as John and Tony Amendola as Father Prez. Actress Alfre Woodard from “12 Year A Slave” also has a supporting role in the movie.

The film rewinds to 1967 when the Annabelle doll becomes possessed by a demonic entity. There is a slower build up to suspense compared to The Conjuring. However, once the suspense starts it does not settle for the remaining of the movie.

There are numerous scenes that will cause you to have a reaction out of fear in your seat no matter how hard you try to maintain a poker face. This movie does a great job explaining the origin of Annabelle and the dolls roll in the previous film The Conjuring.

The plot of the story is fairly easy to follow, which makes you able to watch Annabelle even if you have not seen the previous film the Conjuring. The prequel was less thrilling and scary than The Conjuring, but perhaps rightfully so since more time is spent on the actual Annabelle doll and the cause of its devilish existence.

Despite its stubbiness in horror, don’t be surprised if you develop slight paranoia of the dark and not wanting to be alone for long periods of a time.