Student Government Association Revamps Their Focus for Students

The MSU Spokesman

IMG_1588For the first time in 13 years, the Morgan Student Government Association (SGA) issued its first state of the SGA report on Wednesday with a goal to shy away from the entertainment orientation aspect  and focus on more fundamental issues.

“Previous administrations focused on the entertainment and social aspect rather than the governance,” said SGA Vice President Rashad Staton. “Now passing legislation will impact our likelihood of getting an education and the cost off affordability of education.”

In addition, the SGA passed three pieces of legislation – the first time it has enacted new policies in eight years. They have signed laws in effect to help students get textbooks, improve SGA programs and reinstating the MSU Snapshot, an online operation that will give students a central location to direct their concerns.

Their objective is to improve undergraduate student campus life.  “We want students to actually gain something from each and every event,” said senior class senator Kamlavi Gamedah. “Students should know about themselves and current issues that can impact them.”

The policy program will strengthen governmental activities and prohibit insubstantial events and programs. The SGA wants to know that future events will occasionally have educational content and be of high quality. Consequences for misrepresenting this policy will be resolved in student court. This law excludes the Umoji Council.

The textbook act focuses on expensive textbooks placed upon students. The SGA will indict economic arrangement and in exchange, if a student donates a textbook they will receive a voucher.  This will be enacted the start of next semester.

The MSU Snapshot program was evoked by Speaker of the Senate Wesley Robinson after a student stressed SGA’s need to listen to concerns from the student body, Representing all undergraduate students and improving campus life, the snapshot program will direct student concerns via email.