Student Senate Passes their “Snapshot” Bill

The MSU Spokesman

On Wednesday, October 3rd student senators held a meeting to revamp the constitution and pass the MSU snapshot. Chairwoman Dugger of the Student Affairs Committee put the snapshot on the senate floor as the bill was passed and the senators voted it into action.
The snapshot was expressed by a student to Senate Speaker Wesley Robinson last semester. The request was passed over to the Student Affairs Committee. “This bill is severe to the student body, their personal wants and it promotes the opportunity of the student body getting involved with SGA,” said Dugger.Robinson wants the snapshot via emailed to students in a matter of weeks.
For the majority of the meeting the senate discussed the new constitution and checked for lucidity so it can pass the General Council. This new constitution is designed from the 1991 constitution, however the senate did make a few changes. One of the changes include the number of credit hours required to hold a position, which has dropped from 56 to 44.

“It was changed to make the election more inclusive, said SGA Vice President Rashad Staton. “Lets say if someone was in their junior year but only have sophomore credits, the new constitution will allow that person to run.”
The meeting closed with the announcement of senior class senator Komlavi Gamedah as Chairman of the Committee of Academic Affairs and Briona Finley was appointed Committee Secretary.