Coronation Recap


Photo by Alexis Smith-Butler

The MSU Spokesman

Homecoming week started off with the crowning of our King Monzona Whaley and Queen Aysha Williams. “For this coronation it was important to capture the true essence of what it means to be Mr. and Miss Morgan. It was most poignant to embody the characteristics of its rich historical relevance, share the African American experience and legacy, and showcase the positivity and talent of our people.” said Joyce Allison, who is the assistant coordinator of Student Activities.

The setting was 2063 where the older Whaley and Williams were interviewed about their journey to becoming “Bear University’s” King and Queen. The opening scene was a scene from lion king with the presentations of two baby bears while “The Circle of Life” played in the background. This year’s coronation was more afro-centric than previous coronations, with emphasis on the Lion King and African dance. “Mr. and Miss Morgan put a lot of thought and consideration into the story of their coronation,” said Allison. ” It was very important to them to have a coronation of substance.” Whaley and Williams made it a point to recognize the March on Washington and the importance it had on them during their college careers.

When the crowning portion of the ceremony commenced, Whaley had previous Mr. Morgan’s a part of his entrance, including  Mr. David Brooks (89-90), Dr. Edwin T. Johnson (91-92), Mr. Jordan Bennett (00-01), Mr. Brandon Carter (04-05), Mr.  Keshawn Forbes (08-09), Mr. Brett Benson in honor of his late son Julian Benson (09-10), Mr. Carlton Smith (11-12) and Mr. Kaddeem Myrie (12-13). After the introduction of previous Mr. Morgans’ Whaley came from the ceiling onto the stage with the kings. Wiliams introduction followed with the presentation of previous Miss Morgans who are also her sorority sisters, the queens include: Ms. Nia Wilkes (02-03), Ms. Inez Nelson (04-05), Ms. Celia Powell (06-07), Ms. Clarissa Harrison (07-08), and Ms. Janee Thames (11-12). Aysha was then brought in on a white carriage.

The crowd was awed by their elaborate opening. ” I really enjoyed the entrances of Monzie and Aysha,” said junior class Vice President Saudat Almaroof. “They set the bar [high] for the next king and queen.” Whaley and Wiliams said they “felt honored and privileged to serve as the faces for the university.”