Are Skinny Women Really Perfect? T. Richard Shares Her Inspiration and Plan For Novel “Skinny Women Are Perfect”

The MSU Spokesman

photoMorgan State Chair of Strategic Communications and author of novel “Skinny Women Are Perfect,” T. Richard revealed to onlookers at her book discussion and signing that it is only part one in an upcoming series. The event was held in the University Student Center Theater.

After great reviews from her first self-published book, Richard has already begun writing the sequel. Richard also mentioned  a movie for the first book with fresh new talent rather than well know stars to allow the movie to be just as relatable as the novel.

Her first novel, which she defines as Sex and the City meets Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants, revolves around four long-time girl friends; Rory the insecure wife, mother and owner of an image- branding company; Sierra, the fast-talking therapist; Bailey,the fashionista and restaurant owner and Neekoo, a shy renowned Journalist. They seemingly have it all together on the surface, but hold deadly secrets that hinder their progression through life. An unexpected intervention forces the four of them to address their flaws and decide where to go next.Richard says the inspiration for the novel came from a woman in the doctors office that told her “you are perfectly skinny,” after she had just received news from her doctor that suggested other wise.

“Skinny Women Are Perfect” is from the prospective of the ironically insecure Vista Aurora Carter ‘Rory’, a mother and wife who seems to have it all together more than the rest of her long- time friends. The second book will be focused more on Bailey.

Some readers can automatically see the parallels between the characters and themselves. “So far I actually want to buy the book,” says Morgan freshman Kayla Lawrence. “It is rare that you find an author as vibrant and honest as her and that’s what I really liked about her. She stayed true to herself and wasn’t afraid to tell us her insecurities. She was very relatable.”

T. Richard also shared the parallels she sees between herself and the characters flaws. She told  the audience to be “completely positively honest with yourself and who you are by owning your flaws and turning them into strengths.” Through her life experiences and writing T. Richard’s message is, “Your journey is yours, don’t apologize for it.”

Fans of the book are amped for what the sequel holds. “’Skinny Women Are Perfect’ was one of my favorite summer reads,” says  junior Evelia Miller.“Not only are the women in this book simply beautiful inside and out, their journeys through life are just like yours and mine. There’s no doubt in my mind that the sequel will be nothing short of amazing and I can’t wait!”