Hair Flair: A week of fun hairstyles

The MSU Spokesman

Monday:  Hair Décor

Most females can relate to the early morning Monday madness. They more than likely consist of dragging yourself out of the bed to start off the week. So why not spice it up a little by adding a hair accessory? A hair accessory can range from a variety of things. A normal headband, for instance, can show a nice and simple look and can help accent your entire outfit. It all depends on how you feel that day. By adding this accessory to your everyday hair style, a lot can be said.

Steps: Style your hair as you please. This can consist of your hair being blown out straight, or leaving it full and curly. Add a touch of pomade to lay down the edges of your hair. Then simply apply the accessory of your choice, and your morning rituals are all complete; nice, simple and quick.


Tuesday: Fishtail Braid

Since it’s just the second day of the week, you can always keep your look nice and playful in many different ways. This can be done by adding a normal three-way braid to the end of a ponytail, or even by jazzing it up with a fishtail braid.

Steps: In order to start this hair style you will need to divide you hair into two sections, for a nice a sleek braid you should use a comb to make the part. Once the hair is placed in two sections, pull a small strand of hair from one section [of your choice]. When the small strand is selected, begin to pull the (selected) piece under the other section of hair. In simpler terms, make sure the selected strand of hair is over the section of hair it came from, and under the other sections that remains. Continue this process until the braid is all the way formed. Also, remember to keep the same amount amongst each strand when you are over lapping the strands of hair, or the braid will look uneven.


Wednesday: ‘Ombre Ponytail

Now that you’re halfway through the week, let’s add a little excitement to the “do!” The latest trending hair style is the “‘Ombre effect.”  This style is seen in many fashion magazines and blogs, as well as on celebrities. It’s more than a rock and roll or hard core look; it’s also a colorful effect to any hairstyle you please. To keep hair looking nice and chic, an ‘Ombre ponytail will always do the job.

Steps: Bright and bold is the way to go with the “Ombre” effect. This hair style does call for a little color, but why not if you’re ready to stand out. In order to fully complete the “Ombre” one must add a color to the ends of the hair. If you don’t want the dye to be permanent, or don’t want to add any type of chemicals to your hair, there’s always another solution. Many people use spray on hair dye that is not permanent and can easily be rinsed out. Once the hair is “Ombre” to your perfection, simple put that hair in a ponytail style of your choice and the look is complete.


Thursday: Triple Bun

One day away, and there’s so much to say. This hair style can be done for both relaxed and natural hair.  It’s unique and eye-catching. The Triple Bun is a plus for any event, ranging from a classy to late night outing. Whatever the occasion is, the Triple Bun is the way to go.

Steps: It’s more than just a new unique look, the Triple Bun is also beneficial to the ladies who highly despise having to keep their hair out of their face and out of the way. To receive the total package of the triple bun simply apply mousse to the hair (damp or dry) and divide the hair into three horizontal sections. After the hair is divided, began to twist each section from root to end until the hair turns into a bun. Then add a rubber band or bobby pin to ensure the place of the bun. The triple bun can be a nice way to easily get your hair off your shoulders and still have a stylish effect.


Friday: Loose Waves

Thank God it’s Friday!! So why not show it? The loose wave is a style that gives you a cheerful glow that certainly everyone will notice. This hair style can do so much more to ones appearance without a lot of work or labor, and to make it even better, no heat is needed. So why not go for the flirtatious yet, cheerful look?


Steps: This hair style is what we can consider as an overnight style in progress. It may sound difficult but it’s actually easier than you’ll believe. So in order to allow your hair to have the loose wave effect without applying heat, one must divide the hair into four sections (amount of sections may vary, depending on the amount of hair). Apply a small amount of oil, or any moisturizer of your choice, to each section to help add a shine and gloss effect to the hair. Then, twist each section starting from root to ends until a complete twist is formed. After the twist has formed, wrap the twist into a bun and place a rubber band or hair pins, to secure the twist and bun overnight. Then in the morning, with a small dab of oil or moisturizer, slowly untwist each section and brush softly through the hair and the loose wave should appear. Then style as desired.