Rain or shine: Morgan’s Spring 2023 graduation commencement will remain outside regardless of weather conditions

It’s almost time for the graduating seniors to walk across the stage to prepare for the world once again.

Lake Marion, Co-Sports Editor

Remember the times when your high school teachers would tell you “Prepare for the real world,” as you walked across the stage during your high school graduation?

If not your teachers, surely someone has said those words to you at some point in your life. Well, it’s no different to those who are ready to head out the doors at Morgan State University.

After what has been another long semester for the graduating class of the Spring 2023 semester, the group is ready to walk across the stage after four or more years of hard work to get that piece of paper they have been longing for.

Graduation is set for this Saturday, May 20 at 10 a.m. at Hughes Memorial Stadium.

What’s the good news for those attending graduation? Since it is spring, the weather is warm during this time of the year. The temperature will be in the high 70’s.

What’s the bad news? The forecast predicts rain on the same day.

With the possibility of it raining during graduation, what would happen to the commencement ceremony if it does shower on this special day?

According to Dell Jackson, the director of public relations and communications, the commencement will still go on, rain or shine.

“It will still be held outside,” Jackson said. “Even if it rains.”

So, there you have it. Regardless of whether it rains or not, the commencement will not be stopped and will proceed as scheduled.

As the saying goes, “A little rain never hurt anybody.”