Creed III returns to movie screens

Creed III cast members answered questions and teased new movie in a press conference with HBCU student journalists.


Cayla Cade

Creed III press conference with HBCU student journalists.

Cayla Cade, Campus News Editor

The Creed movie series made a return to theaters on Friday, introducing new characters and anime inspired fight moves in the third movie. 

Before the movie was released, cast members hosted a press conference for the upcoming movie with HBCU student journalists at the Four Seasons Hotel Midtown in Atlanta, Ga. and on Zoom.

Michael B. Jordan, actor and director of Creed III, never thought he would be talking to individuals at a press conference for a movie he directed, until now. 

Directing and [being] a part of a major franchise such as Creed, I’m always gonna dream. You know, I didn’t know what I was gonna be manifesting,” Jordan said.

In the film, Jordan’s character, Adonis, had to face new problems and revisit memories from his past when his childhood friend appeared. 

Phylicia Rashad, Tessa Thompson, Jonathan Majors, and Florian Munteanu are just a few actors who starred in this new movie alongside Jordan. 

This movie includes inclusivity with child actor Mila Davis-Kent showing representation to the Black deaf community and what Jordan described as an ASL family in the film. 

Davis-Kent said, “What that means is that you know, deaf people and Black Deaf people especially can see this movie and realize that there’s representation and that they can do anything they put their mind to. It can be like anybody else.”

Davis-Kent explained how sometimes the deaf community does not feel seen or understood. 

“But in this movie, I think that it’s going to show and help other people to realize that we are just like you. And hearing parents who have deaf children should learn ASL for their children, that is going to make a better life for your kids. That’s going to make it easier for your families to communicate and everyone to feel important and united,” she said. 

Davis-Kent and actor Majors are both new to the Creed franchise. 

Majors felt like it was his purpose to take on the role of Damian Anderson in the new movie and hoped that he would be there. 

It was something that was bigger and better for me. And just a matter of time, and amount of work,” said Majors. 

Majors was humbled to be sitting at the press conference for his new big role. 

Like Majors, Davis-Kent was excited for the role as it marks her first in a movie. 

Davis-Kent plays the older version of Adonis and Bianca’s daughter, Amara. It was easy to play this character because she noticed they both shared similar personality traits. 

“I felt like we have so many things in common. Me and the character. Her personality is much like mine,” Davis-Kent said.

She explained she loves her family, looks up to them, and would do anything for them just like Amara. 

Davis-Kent’s role helped her realize that she can continue acting.

“And I feel like after this movie, I can do anything,” she said. 

Creed III is in theaters now.