Morgan State choir looks ahead to upcoming performances

The Morgan State University Choir is preparing for another successful semester with performances slated in several Texas cities, four African countries, and beyond.


Photo Courtesy of CBS Baltimore

Choir members performed “God Bless America” at the inauguration of Governor Wes Moore, Maryland’s first Black governor.

Raven Roberts, Staff Writer

This spring semester marks another busy year for the Morgan State University choir ensemble. 

The choir’s fall season included performances for both local and global audiences, including singing the anthem at a Baltimore Ravens game and performing at the historic Monterey Jazz Festival (MJF) in Monterey, California. 

At MJF, the longest continuously running jazz festival in the world, Morganites were led in song by Tammy Hall, Grammy Award-winning pianist and music director. 

“Shipping off to California the first two weeks of classes was a little hectic but I enjoyed it,” said Darrin Scott, choir librarian. 

More specifically, he enjoyed watching the performers and spending time with choir members from Texas Southern University.

“Because we don’t perform jazz a lot it was really cool to see how that’s done and perform jazz more,” Dale Sanders, sophomore vocal performance major and Spanish minor, added. 

The choir also performed its annual Winter Concert, where Trey Hopkins, freshman psychology major, had the opportunity to sing a solo.

“It’s an honor… I’m just a freshman. I did have a solo in the winter concert and I heard that’s rare so it makes you feel like maybe I do have a little bit of talent” Hopkins said. 

The ensemble has already started its spring performances, with trips to Purdue University and Penn State University to perform tributes in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. 

Just last month, choir members performed “God Bless America” at the inauguration of Governor Wes Moore, Maryland’s first Black governor.

“It was amazing, it makes you feel proud of yourself” Hopkins said about performing at Moore’s inauguration. “Oprah was there!” he added.

Last Wednesday, the choir sang for the Maryland General Assembly at the Maryland State Capitol.

The traveling ensemble has a jam-packed schedule ahead this spring including many local performances, singing alongside Philadelphia Orchestra, and more.

The Morganites are eager to hit three Texan cities — Dallas, Austin, and Houston — for their Spring Break tour from March 17-19.

Both Scott and Sanders noted their excitement to go to Texas and visit churches in the area. For many, an overseas trip to Ghana, Nigeria, Benin, and Togo, will mark the farthest they have traveled as a part of Dr. Conway’s world-class vocal ensemble. 

Scott emphasized the selectiveness of the choir regarding overseas performances and said that singers will be chosen from the “University Singers” audition-only, traveling group to go overseas for the Africa trip after re-auditioning. 

The Choir’s tour of the four West African countries from Sunday, May 21-June 2, will likely close out their Spring concert schedule. For more information about the vocal ensemble’s concert click here.