University will not enforce new rules for Thurgood Marshall Dining Hall

The Office of Public Relations and Strategic Communications said the “erroneous” messages shared on social media should be disregarded and no new rules have been implemented.


Jah'I Selassie

Students fill the Thurgood Marshall Dining Hall.

Jordan D. Brown, Editor in Chief

An uproar from Morgan students brewed on social media Thursday after the Office of Residence Life and Housing shared a list of rules for the new Thurgood Marshall Dining Hall via Instagram.

With restrictions regarding students’ clothing and behavioral actions, the post was met with displeasure and anger from students.

The Office of Residence Life and Housing shared this list of rules for the Thurgood Marshall Dining Hall on Thursday via Instagram. The university has since instructed students to disregard the rules. (The Office of Residence Life and Housing Instagram Page)

However, Larry Jones, assistant vice president of public relations and strategic communications, told The Spokesman these rules will not be enforced at the university.

“The University has NOT instituted any new rules related to the dining facilities, nor would we engage our students in such a manner to introduce any new rules,” Jones wrote in a university statement.

The public post on the Office of Residence Life and Housing’s Instagram page has since been deleted.

“At Morgan, we are confident in our students’ ability to comport themselves as necessary and acknowledge their potential as leaders,” Jones wrote.

Jones emphasized the rules are not real, but the list of rules came from an outdated sign from the previous food services provider that was unintentionally not taken down from wall of the Rawlings Dining Hall.

The Office of Public Relations and Strategic Communications is currently investigating how the post was shared on a university-affiliated social media account.

Students flooded the account’s comment section to express their thoughts on the rules.

“Imagine paying $30,000 a year and they talking about I can’t wear my pjs,” one user wrote.

“How you enforcing a dress code and it’s literally at the bottom floor of a dorm building?” another user questioned.