The Return of I Love Morgan Week, In Person

With rappers G Herbo and Toosie headlining the concert, ILMW returns for the first time since 2019.


Will Robinson

G Hebro returns to Morgan State University’s campus for his third performance at the university; 2018 I Love Morgan Week, 2018 pre-election day rally, and the 2022 I Love Morgan Week concert.

Alana Bynes-Richardson, Campus News Editor

It has been three years since the last in-person “I Love Morgan Week”(ILMW.) Students are noticeably excited as the week of events takes off this Monday. 

For some, this week is just as anticipated as homecoming, namely for the upcoming concert on Wednesday.

In 2020, Morgan State University shut down its campus and went virtual as the COVID-19 virus spread globally. There was no time to revamp the activities to make them online-friendly and the entire week was canceled along with other events. 

The next year would be better as Morgan became accustomed to virtual activities and online student engagement. ILMW 2021 commenced via Instagram Live. 

While it wasn’t the same as previous years, it was creatively orchestrated by the Morgan State Campus Activities Board (CAB) and allowed for students to tune in and participate from their homes. 

Now, with a full campus and limited COVID precautions, CAB has more freedom to plan in-person events and another concert. On April 13, students gathered on the University Student Center Patio to hear what CAB has in store for the return of ILMW. 

“I’m expecting to have fun and turn up! I heard it was very fun [ILMW] and it’s an experience you’ll never experience anywhere else,” said Mariana Wood, a freshman social work major. 

For students like Wood, they have no prior experience to compare this year’s lineup of events to. Those with a senior classification are the only students who had the opportunity to participate in ILMW before the world shut down. 

However, since the return to a full campus, the atmosphere at Morgan has not been the same. Seniors are rarely sighted on campus unless they have classes or other obligations. It is up to the freshman to shape their own experience, something that is uniquely different to a campus embedded in traditions. 

Amparo Dixon, a senior nursing student, feels that the pandemic has changed Morgan in more ways than one. As the CAB President, she has made it her goal to bring back the lively atmosphere she remembers when she was a freshman in 2018. 

“We have a lot of expectations for I Love Morgan Week. We did our best with what we were given, given that we are still dealing with Covid,” said Dixon. 

Even with the all-clear for face-to-face events, CAB is limited in what they can do and how many students can attend. The hope is that students will want to participate no matter what. With finals around the corner, this is one last week full of fun activities for students to enjoy. 

For seniors, it’s their last chance to experience ILMW. Freshmen, sophomores and juniors will have their first taste of an in-person ILMW experience. This upcoming week is a big deal, and not just for the members of CAB. 

ILMW has the potential to shape the entire atmosphere of the campus moving forward out of the spring semester. The campus has been emptier than usual due to the pandemic and lack of student engagement. With a week full of activities, some students hope it will feel like “college” again. 

Taylor Shaw, a junior psychology major, expressed her concerns about the “vibe” of campus life. Her freshman year at Morgan in 2019 started off well, but it took a turn for the worse when the pandemic started just after her second semester began. 

“My freshman and sophomore year was taken by Covid so I never got to experience an ILMW. I want to be able to give that HBCU experience to students and have it as well,” said Shaw. 

As the sports engagement planner of CAB, Shaw’s job included brainstorming ideas for inclusive sport activities all students can participate in, one of which including the Powder Puff football game as one of ILMW’s events. 

“You don’t want to just go back to your room after class. Being a part of making someone’s college experience better is amazing. I want the school spirit to be back up and for everyone to have fun,” said Shaw. 

Once CAB revealed the artist lineup for the concert, the audience reacted with a mix of excitement from younger students and reluctant cheers from upperclassmen. 

Rappers G Herbo and Toosie will perform for the 2022 ILMW concert. Smaller guest artists may appear to open the concert before their acts. 

For some freshman and sophomore students, they may not mind the choices presented. But senior multimedia journalism major, Alexis Durham, feels differently. 

“I remember having Meg [Megan Thee Stallion], Kash Doll, and Lil Dirk for our spring concert in 2019. It was fun. I didn’t want them to repeat this year,” said Durham. 

In 2018, CAB hosted a concert for Morgan students. It was a Pre-Election Day Rally held on October 27, 2018. G Herbo was one of the artists that performed for free. 

“Why would I want to go to this concert when I already saw him [G Herbo] for free the first time? Some of my friends were talking about going to Towson instead,” continued Durham. 

It’s a complicated situation for students who have the same thoughts as Durham. Senior year is not what Durham expected, but she does not want to miss out on her last year experience. Like other upperclassmen, she questions if it is worth it to go. 

Towson University’s CAB secured Flo Milli and Rico Nasty for their Spring Tiger Fest. Located only a few minutes from Morgan’s campus, it would be feasible for students from both campuses to attend each other’s events. 

Dixon is just happy that CAB was able to pull off a full week of in-person events after being virtual for two years. She has some concerns, but it is primarily caused by nervous jitters about the upcoming week. 

CAB makes an effort to speak to students and interact with them on campus and through social media. These events should cater to what students requested over the past year. Dixon and the rest of CAB hopes they met those expectations. 

“We’re so excited and we’re ready. We just hope everyone has fun. What matters is the students,” Dixon said.