Introducing Kiwibots: new miniature robots delivering food on campus

Students and faculty can now order food for delivery to several locations on campus.


Courtesy of Twitter

The Kiwibots officially opened for delivery on March 21.

Ashlyn J. Wilson, Staff Writer

Kiwibots are officially open for business at Morgan State University, delivering food orders to students across the campus.

Much like food delivery services like UberEats and DoorDash, Morgan now utilizes robots to deliver food to students and faculty on campus.

“You will be able to order your food online from on-campus food operations and have it delivered to your residential hall or office building,” University President David Wilson wrote on Twitter.

The robots roamed the campus for weeks under supervised testing and officially launched its services on March 21. The appearance of Kiwibots drew attention from students on campus.

“I definitely thought it was exciting,” Angel Martinez, a junior biology major, said. “One, it’s a reflection that Morgan is receiving more funding. And second, it just makes things more convenient.”

Students and faculty can place an order through the BiteU mobile app with traditional credit or debit payments, dining dollars, or Kiwibot subscription plans.

The silver, gold and platinum Kiwibot subscription plan will include a select amount of money and free delivery, without a service charge, depending on the plan.

Students and faculty can order items from Hillen Valley, Halal Shack, Coldspring Station, Baba’s Pizza, Deli-licious, and Benny’s Munchies, to all dormitories and academic buildings on campus, except for O’Connell Hall and McKeldin Center.

The robots are engineered with artificial intelligence that helps them maneuver human traffic.

Additionally, the Kiwibot is installed with a thermal dynamic cooler and heater which keeps meals at a designated temperature.

While these automated robots are programmed with geomapping, it is monitored by engineers.

“It is being watched by a room full of engineers that work for the company,” said Raquel Suber, marketing manager for Sodexo Magic. “And we are actually looking for interns from the engineering building to come work with them.”

The robots take approximately 10 minutes to deliver food, with a 10-minute preparation time. Morgan has prepared 15 Kiwibots for delivery, but only five were deployed this past week.

The Kiwibot hours of operation will be from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

“The future looks very magical…” Suber said, “We have a lot of things in store for you all.”

Kiwibot deliveries are free until the end of the month, March 31.