Hurt Gymnasium’s understaffing issue has left its pool unavailable for student use

After more than two years since its closure for repairs, the Hurt Gymnasium remains closed for recreational use


Edwin Moore

Hurt Gymnasium

David Lance, Contributing Writer

Semesters of university closure in adherence to COVID-19 social distancing protocols delayed reopening the Hurt Gymnasium pool.

In July 2019, a large leak was discovered in the pool, forcing the university to shut it down for repair. As of this semester, the pool is filled but has yet to be used by Morgan students.

Staffing has proven to be the central issue delaying the pool’s opening.

Though Hurt Gymnasium has staff members monitoring the pool, only one member is a certified lifeguard.

Theresa Gibson, director of Edward P. Hurt Gymnasium, said this is not enough to reopen.

Everyone that was let go due to COVID needs to be re-hired,”she said. “And in some instances those positions have changed because we are re-doing the whole department.”

Gibson hopes to open the pool for student use soon.

“We just had the pool serviced and it is under a reputable pool company,” she said. “I’m really hoping that the earliest this week and the latest next week that the pool will be up and running.”

The swimming classes are expected to resume after the pool’s reopening, said Gibson. She also anticipates that when the water is finally open to the students on campus, it will make a comeback in a big way.

“The pool has been underutilized for so long, so we plan to have intramural events, contests using the pool, fitness classes such as water aerobics,” she said. “Any type of thing that is going to connect with wellness and our students.”