Morganites gather for the first in-person football game in a year and a half

Saturday’s game marks the return to in-person games after the university put gatherings on hold while combatting the pandemic.


Jordan D. Brown

These additional safety measures follow last year’s homecoming where a student was shot on campus during last year’s homecoming festivities at the Montebello Complex.  “Our goal is to make sure that everyone that attends Morgan’s homecoming does two things, one, that they’re safe and two, that they have a great time,” said Lance Hatcher, chief of police for the Morgan State University Police Department.

Jaina Mosely-Lawson and Kayla Ray

On Sept. 4, Morgan held its opening football game of the season against Towson. Fans packed the stands as Morgan faced off against their rivals.

The stadium was full of energy as the Bears returned to the field.

Makayla Scott, sophomore and psychology major, said the game was a reunion for the Morgan community.

“Sports are definitely a great way to connect with others and bring our campus together,” said Scott.

For many students, this season’s opener was their first game participating in Morgan’s traditions.

Fans participated in many school chants, including the “We Are the Bears” anthem. Morganites cheered for their team while Beyoncé’s “Before I Let Go” and Crime Mob’s “Knuck if you Buck” played in the stadium.

Takari Bennet, a cheerleader for Morgan, said, “[I’m] excited to be back on campus and very excited for more games and events that are to come this semester.”

“It’s nice to see a lot of people showing up for the team…morale is really high right now,” said Ellis Green, freshman.

Morgan’s lacrosse coach, Bill Brink, said the crowd seemed happy to be back watching an in-person game since the school shut down in March 2020.

“[It was] great to be outside and that the weather couldn’t be better,” said Brinks.

“The food’s great, the company’s greater. It’s just wonderful being outside with all these good people.”