5 positive COVID-19 cases detected in the first week of classes

As of Monday morning, the university reported five positive cases of COVID-19 in the first week back on campus.


Jordan D. Brown

Two unvaccinated individuals tested positive for COVID-19 within the first week of classes.

Nia Lillard and Jordan D. Brown

Morgan State University reported five positive COVID-19 cases on campus within the first week of classes.

On Thursday afternoon, President David Wilson stated two of the individuals were unvaccinated and exempt from the vaccine requirement due to medical and religious reasons.

“Based on my conversation with Dr Banks, both of those [positives] were for unvaccinated people, individuals who had gotten the exemption,” Wilson said.

Students that received vaccine exemptions are required to participate in the university’s COVID-19 testing protocol twice a week. Although unvaccinated students are required to get tested each week, fully vaccinated students are encouraged to get tested as well.

According to Wilson’s updated COVID-19 testing results announcement, about 527 individuals were tested on campus between Aug. 23 and 26. Of the individuals that were tested, none of the positives were fully vaccinated.

Wilson said, “The takeaway today is that based on the testing results, we have not seen on the Morgan campus, a positive test result from any fully vaccinated student from the information we have today, thus far.”

There were seven positive cases detected this week through an off-campus testing site and reported it to the university health center.

Students who have tested positive with on or off campus testing are encouraged to notify their professor and others who have come within 3-6 feet of them for 15 or more minutes, according to Kevin Banks, vice president of student affairs. 

“If a student discloses that they have tested positive, then the professor should direct them to contact the student health center,” Banks said. 

On-campus COVID-19 testing is open to all individuals on campus. Testing takes place on Monday and Thursday from 9 a.m. to 3:10 p.m. in the University Student Center. To schedule a COVID-19 test, visit the university health portal.

This story was updated on Aug. 30. Trae Mitchell contributed to this article.