Road Map to Move In: Morgan’s largest freshman class moves on campus

The university’s largest freshman class moved into residence halls and off-campus housing Saturday.


Taylor Jones

Morgan State University’s incoming freshmen class take on move in day Saturday morning.

Taylor Jones, Contributing Writer

The freshman class’ move in weekend got off to a dreary start after Friday’s rainstorm left fallen trees across campus, but it ended on a high note as the school band welcomed students and parents to campus.

The eager freshmen and anxious parents arrived at the university’s campus early Saturday morning for a day filled of move in experiences.

The freshmen move in was split into two days, but the university’s largest freshman class left the campus packed.

With an overwhelming number of freshmen in need of housing, students and parents unintentionally created the first roadmap to campus.

Freshman business major Nasir Wallace created his own roadmap from his home in Pennsylvania to his new home in Baltimore for the next four years. The business major was excited to move on campus and live on his own for the first time like many college freshmen.

“This is my first time living by myself, I lived with my mom before,” said Wallace.

Traditionally, Morgan’s freshman class lives in on-campus housing their first year of college. However, the university had to place about 400 freshmen in off-campus housing due to the ongoing housing overage.

Tymaijaa Nell, freshman business and criminal justice major, is one of the few students that will spend their freshman year off campus. Residing in Morgan View Apartments, the Prince George’s County, Md. native moved into her apartment 0.6 miles from campus.

Living off campus freshman year is uncommon for Morgan students, but Nell’s father, Tim Nell believes it will introduce her to adulthood.

“I’ll visit twice a month but not often, how often is often? I want her to learn how to live outside the house, learn how to be an adult,” Nell said.

Although Saturday was the start of Morgan’s move in weekend, students living off campus spent the weekend moving as well.

Darrell Davis, sophomore history major, traveled from Chicago to Baltimore on Saturday to move into his apartment outside of university housing.

The Baton Rouge, La. native attempted to apply for housing through the university but was unsuccessful after the Office of Residence Life and Housing froze its housing application.

However, Davis was able to secure an apartment at the Whale House, a dorm inspired apartment complex in Federal Hill.

Although Davis will live in an apartment his first year on campus as most of the rising sophomore class did not live on campus last year, he feels welcome at his apartment by other Morgan students that live in the same complex.

“There are Morganites that live in my building, and they’ve been very encouraging about the whole thing,” said Davis.

As the freshman class winds down from their move in and partake in the upcoming Freshman Week, the upperclassmen will prepare for their own move in next week.

Sophomores, juniors and seniors will move into their housing assignments Aug. 21 to 22, ahead of the first day of classes on Aug. 23.

Jordan D. Brown contributed to this article.