Provost Lesia Crumpton-Young named President of Texas Southern University


Courtesy of Morgan State University

Dr. Lesia Crumpton-Young was appointed as Morgan State University’s provost and senior vice president for academic affairs in 2019.

Jordan D. Brown, Editor-in-Chief

Dr. Lesia L. Crumpton-Young will serve as the 13th President of Texas Southern University, according to the university’s Board of Regents.

The new position marks her departure from Morgan State University after two years as the university’s provost and senior vice president for academic affairs.

Albert Myres, chairman of Texas Southern University, said, “Dr. Crumpton-Young is an experienced University leader and tireless advocate for students.”

During her time at Morgan, she implemented several academic directives for course instruction throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

Myres said, “Her impeccable credentials made her standout among the candidates. She brings with her an exciting and bold vision for Texas Southern University that aligns with the goals set forth by the Board of Regents.”

She will serve as the third female president in school history at Texas Southern. An official confirmation vote by Texas Southern’s Board of Regents will occur June 17 followed by an executive transition.