The Honors Department Celebrate Faculty Honorees With Dessert

The MSU Spokesman

convocation dessert facultyOn April 4 the honors department of Morgan State University hosted its first Honors Convocation Dessert Reception to acknowledge Morgan faculty and staff who have contributed to the success of Morgan’s students.

Vivian Larkin, Assistant Director of the honors department, says the purpose of the event was to recognize Morgan’s administration that has helped the department develop and cultivate its students. “There are individuals who have helped and guided our students in terms of their writing skills and who have encouraged them in terms of their leadership skills,” said Larkin.

Among those honored was Dr. Angela Howell, the Golden Key Regional Summit speaker. Howell is the assistant professor of sociology and anthropology at Morgan. She has worked closely with honors students. In reference to her award, she said, “It’s wonderful because I really didn’t expect it. I just give out of the love for my students.”

Other notable honorees were Dr. Amber Hodges, Dr. Edwin Johnson, Mr. Claton Lewis, Dr. Adele Newson-Horst and Ms. Toya Corbett.

Mary Omakwu, President of the Golden Key International Society believes the event was a success. “It was a good turnout,” said Omakwu. “Everybody that we invited showed up.”

The honors department hopes to hold the event again next year.