1 Morgan student tests positive for coronavirus on campus

Tariq Turner, Sports Editor

One Morgan State student tested positive for the coronavirus since the testing program began on Sep. 9.

The student, which makes up one of the 300 students on campus, was taken to Thurgood Marshall Apartment Complex, the designated isolation facility on campus, to quarantine away from the student body. According to President David Wilson, the asymptomatic student has a few more days of isolation left.

“We have only had one positive result amongst students and zero positive results amongst staff,” Wilson said in a Friday evening statement addressed to the Morgan community.

Freshman biology major Brandon Jenkins, who resides on campus, said he was not surprised that only one person contracted the virus out of 300 students. Students have also been asked not to travel in groups of more than 3 people to minimize a potential spread.

“I would say that Morgan’s safety precautions are effective,” he said.

Wilson has advised anyone with questions to contact him directly.