Morgan View contractor tests positive for COVID-19

Tariq Turner, Staff Writer

A Morgan View contractor, who was last seen at work on Tuesday, tested positive for COVID-19, according to an email addressed to the apartment complex’s residents on Friday. 

The contractor, as well as the other colleagues that were in contact with the individual, are self-quarantining at home as they monitor thier symptoms for 14 days.

“At this time we do not believe that any residents of Morgan View came in contact with this individual,” a Morgan View representative wrote in an email.

In response to the first known positive case associated with the university, the apartment complex said it’s requesting additional cleaning support to increase the frequency of building sanitization. They’re also deep cleaning and decontaminating workspaces.

Computer science major George Makunde signed a lease with Morgan View but when the campus shutdown, he decided to move back home. When he learned about the news, his mind immediately reverted to those affected. 

“I’m glad Morgan View was transparent about the situation and I hope nobody else contracted it and [the contractor] gets well soon,” he said.

But other students including Maliha Walthall, a multi-platform production major, believe precautions should’ve been enforced to avoid the spread of the virus. 

Walthall, who’s currently living in New York, said it should be mandatory for residents to wear a mask while in the complex. 

“Seeing the way the virus has spread in New York makes me much more cautious when dealing with positive cases,” she said.

Morgan View has encouraged its residents to contact its office for further questions or concerns.

“We continue to appreciate each of you for respecting physical distancing and for everyone doing their part to contribute to a healthy community for all our residents’ wellbeing,” said a Morgan View representative in an email.